1.1 ULN Access for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Compute nodes running Oracle Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and that are connected to a service gateway automatically have access to ULN content via the regional yum servers available on the Oracle Services Network. These yum servers differ from the publicly available Oracle Linux yum server in that they also mirror content available on restricted ULN channels.

Access to ULN content is provided by virtue of the support contract that you have for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account. You are able to access content on ULN without any requirement to register or use alternate tools to manage channel access, simplifying any software management that you need to perform on a compute node.

To enable access to restricted content via the regional yum servers, ensure that you have installed the appropriate release-elx packages and enabled the repositories that you require access to. For example, on Oracle Linux 7, you can run the following commands to access the ol7_oci_included repository, where tools like Oracle InstantClient, the Oracle Java Development Kit and Oracle Java Runtime Environment are located:

# yum install oci-included-release-el7
# yum-config-manager --enablerepo ol7_oci_included

Other ULN channels are also available directly via the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regional yum servers. For instance, to access the Ksplice channels on an Oracle Linux 7 compute instance, you can do:

# yum install ksplice-release-el7
# yum-config-manager --enablerepo ol7_ksplice ol7_x86_64_userspace_ksplice