3.1 Registering as a ULN User

When you register a system with ULN, your Oracle Account user name is also registered as your ULN user name. If you want to use ULN without first registering a system, you can register as a ULN user provided that you have a valid customer support identifier (CSI) for Oracle Linux support or Oracle VM support. To purchase Oracle Linux or Oracle VM support, go to the online Oracle Linux Store or contact your sales representative.

To register as a ULN user:

  1. In a browser, go to https://linux.oracle.com/register.

  2. If you do not have an Oracle Account, click Create New Single Signon Account and follow the onscreen instructions to create a new account.

    If you already have an Oracle Account, click Sign On.

  3. Log in using your Oracle Account user name and password.

  4. On the Create New ULN User page, enter your CSI and click Create New User.


    If no administrator is currently assigned to manage the CSI, you are prompted to click Confirm to become the CSI administrator. If you click Cancel, you cannot access the CSI administration feature. See Chapter 2, CSI Administration.

    If your user name already exists on the system, you are prompted to proceed to ULN by clicking the link Unbreakable Linux Network. If you enter a CSI that is different from your existing CSIs, your user name is associated with the new CSI in addition to your existing CSIs.