Cannot Use SMB to Map Drives

To map a drive or to connect to a share, you must have read access to the directory to which the share points.

If the Oracle Solaris SMB service is in domain mode, you must also be logged in to the domain.

To ensure that a user can connect to a share, do the following steps to check and modify permissions:

  1. Log in to the system that is running the Oracle Solaris SMB service.

  2. Become superuser.

  3. Obtain the user name and group name of the owner.

    $ ls -l pathname

    For example, the following output indicates that the share is a directory with 750 permissions. The owner is root and the group is sys.

    $ ls -ld /vol1/data
    drwxr-x---  41 root     sys         1024 Jan  2 23:19 /vol1/data
  4. Determine the permissions necessary for the user to access the directory.

  5. Use the chmod command to change the permissions of the directory.