Configuring the PAM Module to Store an SMB Persistent Password

When installed, the module enables you to store a persistent password as if you had run the smbadm add-key command for PAM_USER in the user's or system's default domain.

This optional functionality is meant to be used only in environments that do not run AD or Kerberos, but which synchronize passwords between Oracle Solaris clients and their SMB servers.

Use your login name and password to store a persistent password.

Add the following line to the end of the /etc/pam.d/login file:

auth optional 

This action adds a persistent password entry whenever a user logs into the system, as if they had run the smbadm add-key command.


The PAM module implements a privilege to permit it to run as superuser to store your password.

For more information, see the pam_smbfs_login(7) man page.