Configuring the SMB Server Operation Mode

This section describes how to configure the SMB server in domain mode or in workgroup mode.

The Active Directory (AD) service is a Windows namespace that is integrated with the Domain Name Service (DNS). AD runs only on domain controllers. In addition to storing and making data available, AD protects network objects from unauthorized access and replicates objects across a network so that data is not lost if one domain controller fails.

For the SMB server to integrate seamlessly into a Windows AD environment, the following must exist on the network:

  • A Windows AD domain controller

  • An optional Active Directory DNS server that permits dynamic updates to use the dynamic DNS (DDNS) capability

The AD and DDNS clients rely on the Kerberos protocol to acquire the Kerberos ticket-granting ticket (TGT) for the specified AD domain. The system must be configured to use DNS for host lookup.

Ensure that the naming service and the DNS service are configured correctly for the appropriate AD domain.