Excluding IP Addresses From WINS Name Resolution

When using WINS/NetBIOS, Windows domain controllers (DC) do not automatically respond to the host from which they received a request. They perform a WINS or NetBIOS cache lookup and for multihomed servers, the DC can respond to different network interfaces belonging to the server. If the IP address is not accessible to the DC, it will appear as if the DC has not responded to the server. Therefore, you might have to exclude specific network interfaces from WINS registration.

The following example shows how to configure the Oracle Solaris SMB service as a WINS client. The primary WINS server is set to IP address, the secondary WINS server is set to IP address, and network interfaces bge0 and bge1 are excluded from WINS resolution.

$ sharectl set -p wins_server_1= smb
$ sharectl set -p wins_server_2= smb
$ sharectl set -p wins_exclude=bge0,bge1 smb