How to Enable Cross-Protocol Locking

  1. Become an administrator.
  2. Set the nbmand mount option for an existing file system by using one of the following methods:
    • Set the option by using the zfs create command.

      When using the ZFS file system, you can also set the nbmand option when the file system is created so that the file system uses nbmand automatically:

      $ zfs create -o nbmand=on pool/dataset

      The following example combines the nbmand option with the mixed-case sensitivity option:

      $ zfs create -o casesensitivity=mixed -o nbmand=on -o mountpoint=mntpt ztank/myfs


      The casesensitivity property is set to mixed by default on ZFS file systems.
    • Set the option by using the zfs set command.

      $ zfs set nbmand=on pool/dataset

      For example, the following command sets the nbmand option for the ztank/myfs file system:

      $ zfs set nbmand=on ztank/myfs


      The nbmand property takes effect only after the file system is unmounted and remounted.