How to Find Available SMB Shares on a Known File Server

  1. Determine the server that you want to query about available shares.

    If you are not familiar with the SMB file servers available in your domain, contact your system administrator. You might be able to use Network Neighborhood on Windows systems or the GNOME file browser to browse for available SMB shares.

  2. Ensure that the network/smb/client service is enabled.
    $ svcs network/smb/client
    STATE          STIME    FMRI
    online         19:24:36 svc:/network/smb/client:default
  3. List the available SMB shares on a server.
    $ smbadm show-shares [-A | -u username] [-t] server

    Enables you to view shares anonymously


    Indicates the user to authenticate on the specified SMB server


    Displays a heading for the output

    If neither the -A nor the -u option is specified, the user that is running the command is authenticated on the SMB server.

  4. If prompted, provide the password for the user that you specified on the SMB server.
  5. View the list of available SMB shares.

    Use the smbadm show-shares -t command to display the names and text descriptions of the shares with output headers.

    For example, the following command shows how to view the shares on the solarsystem server:

    $ smbadm show-shares -t -A solarsystem
    Enter password:
    SHARE            DESCRIPTION
    netlogon         Network Logon Service
    ipc$             Service (Samba Server)
    tmp              Temporary file space
    public           Public Stuff
    root             Home Directories
    6 shares (total=6, read=6)

    The following command enables you to view the shares on the solarsystem server without the output headers:

    $ smbadm show-shares -A solarsystem