SMB Browsing Fails When share.smb=on Is Set on a ZFS Pool

If you have a ZFS pool with datasets and you run the zfs set share.smb=on command on the pool, the pool and all its datasets are shared but unavailable for browsing by Windows systems.

To work around this problem:

  1. Determine whether your ZFS pool and dataset versions support SMB shares.

    $ zpool get version pool
    $ zfs get version dataset

    Support for SMB shares requires that ZFS pools be at least Version 9 and that ZFS datasets be at least Version 3.

  2. If your ZFS pool or dataset version are out of date, upgrade your ZFS pools and datasets.

    $ zpool upgrade pool
    $ zfs upgrade dataset

    For more information, see the zpool(8) and zfs(8) man pages.

  3. Either map the shares directly or run the zfs set share.smb=on command on any of the lower-level datasets instead of the pool.