SMB DTrace Probes

DTrace provides the SMB DTrace probes and SMB2 DTrace probes for debugging SMB calls. Most probes do not take an argument.

To list the available DTrace probes, type the following commands:

  • For SMB DTrace probes, run the dtrace -P smb -l command.

  • For SMB2 DTrace probes, run the dtrace -P smb2 -l command.

The DTrace Read and Write probes take an arg[2] argument.

smbReadArgs_t * is the arg[2] argument for the following SMB and SMB2 DTrace Read probes:

  • smb:::op-Read-start
  • smb:::op-Read-done
  • smb:::op-ReadRaw-start
  • smb:::op-ReadX-start
  • smb:::op-ReadX-done
  • smb:::op-LockAndRead-start
  • smb:::op-LockAndRead-done
  • smb2:::op-Read-start
  • smb2:::op-Read-done

smbWriteArgs_t * is the arg[2] argument for the following SMB and SMB2 DTrace Write probes:

  • smb:::op-Write-start
  • smb:::op-Write-done
  • smb:::op-WriteAndClose-start
  • smb:::op-WriteAndClose-done
  • smb:::op-WriteAndUnlock-start
  • smb:::op-WriteAndUnlock-done
  • smb:::op-WriteRaw-start
  • smb:::op-WriteRaw-done
  • smb:::op-WriteX-start
  • smb:::op-WriteX-done
  • smb2:::op-Write-start
  • smb2:::op-Write-done

For descriptions of the arguments to the DTrace probes, see SMB DTrace Arguments. For how to use all the probes in a script, see SMB DTrace Examples.