An ACL set consists of a combination of ACL permissions. These ACL sets of permissions are predefined and cannot be modified.

  • full_set – All permissions

  • modify_set – All permissions except write_acl and write_owner

  • read_setread_data, read_attributes, read_xattr, and read_acl

  • write_setwrite_data, append_data, write_attributes, and write_xattr

You can apply an ACL set rather than having to set individual permissions separately.

Example 2-1 Using an ACL Set to Assign a Combination of ACL Permissions

With the read_set ACL set, the user jan can read ACLs as well as file contents and their basic and extended attributes.

$ chmod A+user:jan:read_set:allow file.1
$ ls -v file.1
-r--r--r--+  1 root     root      206695 Jul 20 13:43 file.1