Several OCFS2 improvements and patches have been applied in this update, including the following notable items:

  • Inode cluster lock set before moving reflinked inodes.  A fix was applied to inode cluster locking to ensure that a cluster lock is taken in EX mode before initializing security ACLs on the orphan inode that is being moved to a reflinked destination. This fix helps to prevent problems from occurring due to missing checks on lock modes.

  • Added feature to attempt to reuse the extent block in dealloc without meta_alloc A feature was added to reuse the extent block cached in dealloc after it has been unlinked from the extent tree to resolve an issue where the extent tree needs to grow but no metadata has been reserved ahead of time. By reusing the extents in dealloc, where deleted extents are cached, the extent tree can grow without the need to reserve additional metadata. This patch can solve a potential crash issue.