Oracle Open Data

What is Oracle Open Data?

Oracle Open Data is a free repository of scientifically relevant data sets from trusted sources for researchers, educators, data scientists, Analysts and anyone interested in data. Our purpose-built tools enable users to concentrate on using large data sets and metadata to achieve the results they need. This repository includes public-domain data for Life Sciences, Geo-spatial and AI/ML for our end users to find, consume and use data so that they can make the discoveries that matter.

Oracle Open Data Features

  1. Data sets are freely available, reflecting Oracle’s commitment to open data and open science.
  2. Data sets are curated with metadata, aligning with FAIR data principles.
  3. Accessing Oracle Open Data is easy and fast, with no need for login nor payment.
  4. Host and share your own data sets with a network of researchers, data scientists, developers and educators to enable future research.

Oracle Open Data repository

Become an Open Data Contributor

Oracle Open Data is now accepting data set contributions from researchers and institutions interested in sharing their data with a wide community of users. Host and share your large data sets on Oracle Cloud for free.

You can apply to become a data contributor simply by filling out our online form.


To host your data set on Oracle Open Data, you will need to agree to Oracle’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Enrollment Process

Once Data Contributor submit their application, Oracle Open Data will evaluate and communicate the status within two weeks of submission. If approved, Oracle Open Data will host this data set for a period of two (2) years and will cover the cost of storage and data ingress/egress. After this two (2) year period, the Data Contributor can renew data hosting by agreeing to the latest Oracle’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and if approved for renewal, data set hosting will be extended for an additional two years.


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