fwupdate Command Fails to Update the Oracle Dual Port 25G Ethernet Adapter (32856860, 32947677)

When updating an Oracle Dual Port 25G Ethernet Adapter (a Broadcom-based controller), manually specifying the controller number and the firmware binary file in the fwupdate command might cause the update to fail. This is due to an issue with a special tool invoked by fwupdate during the update process of a Broadcom card where the card might not be correctly recognized by the tool. Under this scenario, fwupdate might attempt to update a non-Broadcom controller in which case the update will fail during the discovery portion of command execution.


To minimize this issue, use the fwupdate automatic mode to update card firmware, this uses metadata to correctly identify the card being updated. This issue will be completely addressed when the tool used by fwupdate for Boardcom cards is updated. For details on using the automatic mode, refer to the Updating Component Firmware With a Metadata File (Automatic Mode) in Oracle Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.4 User’s Guide.