ilomconfig Host Credential Cache Feature Has Been Disabled (21563538)

The host credential cache feature used to facilitate access to the Oracle ILOM service processor (SP) through the Host-to-ILOM Interconnect has been disabled. The ilomconfig create credential command will no longer create a credential cache file on the host to store Oracle ILOM username and password information. Nor will an existing credential cache be used for Oracle Hardware Management Pack commands accessing the Oracle ILOM SP.

This change affects the way some Oracle Hardware Management Pack commands are issued that access the system's local SP (like fwupdate, ilomconfig and ubiosconfig) and only on systems with an Oracle ILOM version earlier than 3.2.4. For these systems, if you want to use a LAN interface (for either the local Host-to-ILOM interconnect or a remote Ethernet network connection) you must manually include credentials using the -H and -U options for commands that access an SP. If credentials are not provided, these commands will default to the slower local KCS interface to access the local Oracle ILOM SP.

For systems with Oracle ILOM version 3.2.4 or later, credentials do not need to be included when running commands that access the local SP through the Host-to-ILOM interconnect. You still need to manually include credentials (using the -H and -U options) when running commands that access an SP using a network connection.

The capability to delete a previously saved host credential cache is still supported using the ilomconfig delete credential command.


Oracle Hardware Management Pack commands that access the Oracle ILOM SP (versions earlier than 3.2.4) and require user credentials must be entered manually from the command line. The required password can also be piped in on stdin for scripting use.


  • ilomconfig list system-summary --remote-hostname=sp_ip --remote-username=username

  • cat passwd.file | fwupdate list all --remote-hostname=sp_ip --remote-username=username

Where sp_ip is the hostname, Common Name (required for TLS encryption), or IP address of the Oracle ILOM SP, username is the Oracle ILOM user account with root priviledges, and passwd.file is a file you create that contains the Oracle ILOM user account password.


In the example above, to use the local Host-to-ILOM interconnect instead of a network port to access the SP, obtain its IP address using the ilomconfig list interconnect command.