Issues Fixed in Release SRU 21 (HMP version

  • A crash could occur if no differences are detected between polling cycles (30569222)

  • After a firmware update, Intel NICs report fatal error (26269419)

  • fwupdate fails to update Sun Storage 6Gb SAS Internal HBA (SGX-SAS6-INT-Z) (28506756)

  • fwupdate command should disable SP reboot detection and version verification during a deferred firmware update when using "sp-bios-backup-firmware" and "sysfw-backup-firmware" targets (29325509)

  • fwupdate command cannot update LAN-on-Motherboard (LOM) firmware on an Oracle Server X7-8 or X8-8 (30896097)

  • nvmeadm format list displays invalid block size (30616919)

  • nvmeadm format list format list should show LBA format index starting from zero instead of 1 (30572891)

  • nvmeadm import option destroys namespace without warning (30423925)