Mounted Property for RAID Volumes Is Not Visible When Using SGX-SAS6-R-REM-Z or SGX-SAS6-R-INT-Z (15666684)

The Mounted property is missing from RAID volumes created when using the SGX-SAS6-R-INT-Z HBA or SGX-SAS6-R-REM-Z. raidconfig will not prevent you from deleting a mounted volume.


  1. Using the raidconfig command, retrieve the Device Name for the RAID volume.

  2. Check the output of the mount command for an instance of the Device Name retrieved in Step 1.

  3. If the Device Name is present in the output of the mount command, the RAID volume is currently mounted and should not be deleted using raidconfig.

  4. Unmount the RAID volume first, then use raidconfig to delete the volume.