Oracle Hardware Management Pack Documentation Accessibility

Documentation for Oracle hardware is provided in HTML and PDF formats. The HTML documents are accessible using standard operating system controls and assistive technology. PDF documents are also provided; however, PDF is not an accessible format. PDF documents are considered support documents because the PDF content is available in accessible HTML format.

Product documentation provides figures, other types of images, and screenshots that do not rely on color for interpretation. Within the figures, callouts indicate the referenced component information. The callouts are mapped within a table to provide text descriptions of the referenced parts of the figures. In addition, alternative text is provided for all tables and images that provides the context of the information and images.

Note that screen readers might not always correctly read the code examples in the documentation. The conventions for writing code require that closing braces should appear on an otherwise empty line. However, some screen readers might not always read a line of text that consists solely of a bracket or brace.

The documentation might contain links to web sites of other companies and organizations that Oracle does not own or control. Oracle neither evaluates nor makes any representations regarding the accessibility of these web sites.

You can access the accessible HTML documentation for Oracle Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris at: