SNMP Trap Issues

  • sunHwTrapProductName can be empty on some platforms.

  • sunHwTrapSystemIdentifier is empty when the service processor is running Oracle ILOM 2.0.

  • sunHwTrapAssocObjectId is always set to SNMPv2-SMI::zeroDotZero.

  • sunHwTrapComponentName is set to the IPMI name of the component rather than the name used by Oracle ILOM.

  • On Sun Fire X4200 M2 servers, Hardware Management Agent sends sunHwTrapComponentOK or sunHwTrapComponentError instead of sunHwTrapSlotOrConnectorOk or sunHwTrapSlotOrConnectorError, which are sent by Oracle ILOM.


You can access this information through Oracle ILOM or SNMP interfaces.