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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

Remove a CMOD

You need to remove the CMOD to service it or its internal components.

  1. Prepare the server for warm service.

    See Preparing the Server for Component Replacement.

    Note -  This procedure can also be completed as a cold service procedure.
  2. Identify the CMOD.

    If you are removing a CMOD in a failed state, the lit fault indicator for the CMOD on the FIM shows you the CMOD number and the group to which it belongs.

  3. Identify which group of fan modules (left or right) to remove to access the CMOD.

    For CMODs 0-3 access, remove the left FM group. For CMODs 4-7 access, remove the right FM group.

    Tip  -  If you know the group, then you know which group of four fan modules to remove from the front panel.
  4. Remove the fan modules.

    See Remove a Fan Module.

  5. Remove the fan frame.

    See Remove a Fan Frame.

  6. To unlock the CMOD, squeeze together the green tabs on the end of the CMOD lever.
  7. To disconnect the CMOD from the connector on the midplane, rotate the CMOD lever down and away from the CMOD.


    Caution  -  Pinch point. Keep your fingers clear of the underside of the lever.

    The lever disconnects the CMOD from the midplane and its DPCC.

    image:Image showing the CMOD lever being opened.
  8. Use the lever to slide the CMOD partially out of the server until you can grab the CMOD with two hands.

    Close the lever when the CMOD is in a position to hold.


    Caution  -  The CMOD is heavy. Be prepared to hold it firmly when it is clear of the slot.

    image:Image showing how to remove the CMOD from its slot.
  9. To remove the CMOD from the chassis, slide the CMOD completely out of the server.

    Place the CMOD on an ESD-safe work surface.

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