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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

Dual PCIe Card Carrier (DPCC) Indicators

Each DPCC has two indicator panels, one for each PCIe slot inside the server. Each panel contains a green OK indicator, an amber Fault-Service Required LED, and a recessed pinhole Attention (ATTN) button. The ATTN buttons are used to initiate DPCC removal and install. Before removing a DPCC, use a stylus to press both ATTN buttons. After installing a DPCC that contains a PCIe card, press the ATTN buttons again.

image:An illustration showing the DPCC indicator panels.
Call Out
Status LED
Icon and Color
Attention (ATTN) DPCC recessed pinhole button to initiate DPCC removal and install
Fault-Service Required/ Locate LED
image:Service Action Required LED icon
image:Locate Button/LED icon
Indicates a fault state in DPCC:
  • Off – Server is operating normally.

  • Steady On – A fault is present in the DPCC PCIe slot.

DPCC Locate LED:
  • Off – DPCC is operating normally.

  • Fast blink – Use Oracle ILOM to activate this LED to enable you to locate a DPCC quickly and easily.

DPCC OK indicator
image:OK LED icon
Indicates the operational state of DPCC:
  • Off – DPCC power is not present.

  • Flashing – DPCC is booting.

  • Steady On – DPCC power is on and running.