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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

Power Off the Server for Immediate Shutdown (Oracle ILOM Web Interface)


Caution  -  This procedure quickly forces the server Main power off. You might corrupt your system data during an immediate power-down, so use this procedure to power off the server only after attempting the graceful power-down procedure.

  1. Log in to the System A or System B service processor Oracle ILOM web interface using an Administrator account.

    Direct a web browser to Oracle ILOM using the IP address of the server SP. Log in as a user with root or administrator privileges. See Accessing Oracle ILOM in Oracle Server X8-8 Installation Guide.

    For more information, see Using Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) in Oracle Server X8-8 Installation Guide.

    The Oracle ILOM web interface System Information → Summary Information page appears.

  2. In the left pane, click Host Management → Power Control, and click Immediate Power Off in the Select Action list.
  3. Click Save, and then click OK.

    The server powers down immediately.

  4. Disconnect the power and data cables from the server.

    See Remove Power.


    Caution  -  When you power off the server using Oracle ILOM, the server enters Standby power mode. Power is still directed to the service processor remote management subsystem and power supply fans. To completely power off the server, you must disconnect the power cords from the power supplies.

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