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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

Power Supply (PS) Indicators

Each power supply (PS) has three indicators arranged in a single row from left to right. Power supplies for System A are PS2 and PS3. Power supplies for System B are PS0 and PS1.

image:Callouts for power supply (PS) indicator panel picture.
Call Out
Status LED or Button
Icon and Color
Locate button/LED
Fault-Service Required
image:Service Action Required LED icon image:Locate Button/LED icon
Indicates the location of the power supply in the server:
  • Off – Power supply is operating normally,

  • Fast blink – Use Oracle ILOM to activate this LED to enable you to locate a power supply quickly and easily.

  • Steady On –Lights steady on when the power supply is in a fault state.

Power Supply OK LED
image:OK LED icon
Indicates the functional state of the power supply:
  • Off – PS is disconnected.

  • Steady On – PS is powered on and functionaing normally. When this LED is lit, the AC OK LED is also lit.

Note -  Oracle ILOM signals a fault on any installed power supply that is not connected to an AC power source, since it might indicate a loss of redundancy.

Input ~AC
Indicates the operational state of the power supply:
  • Off – PS is not connected to an AC power source.

  • Steady On – PS is connected to a properly rated AC power source.