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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

SMOD Motherboard

Each SMOD motherboard contains:

  • Two Storage Drive Backplanes (for externally accessible server storage drives)

    Externally accessible server storage drives on the SMOD connect to two storage drive backplanes mounted on the SMOD motherboard. One SAS cable connects each backplane to the HBA card that is installed in a riser slot on the underside of the SMOD. Storage drive backplanes are not removable or replaceable.

  • Service processor (SP)

    The system Emulex Pilot 4 service processor (SP) is located on the SMOD motherboard and is accessible locally and remotely through management ports on the front of the SMOD. The SP contains Oracle ILOM, an embedded server management tool. The SP is not removable.

  • System real time clock battery, 3V lithium coin cell battery

  • One internal USB 3.0 port, located on the bottom of the SMOD.

    Each SMOD has one unused internal USB 3.0 port that is designated as P0. The port is located on the underside of the SMOD motherboard next to the PCIe card riser slot.

For component serviceability, locations, and designations, see Replaceable Components.

For replacement procedures, see Servicing System Module (SMOD) Components (FRU).