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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

Prepare the Server for Operation

Use this procedure to return the server to an operational state after performing cold service.

  1. Remove antistatic measures.
    • Remove any antistatic straps or conductors from the server chassis.

    • Remove the antistatic wrist strap from yourself.

  2. Ensure that all external front and back components are fully installed.
  3. Ensure that all cables are connected to the back of the server.
  4. Connect all AC power cables to their inlets on the back of the server and verify that they are locked.

    The retaining clips lock the power cables and prevent accidental disconnect.

    To ensure redundancy, power for the server should come from at least four separate circuits.

  5. If necessary, connect the other end of the AC power cables to the supply outlet.
  6. Ensure that the server is powering into Standby power mode.

    When AC power is applied to the server power inlets, the server boots into Standby power mode. For information, see Server Boot Process and Normal Operating State Indicators.

  7. Verify that none of the server Fault-Service Required indicators on externally facing indicator panels are lit.

    Note -  After replacing some components, you must clear the fault in Oracle ILOM to clear fault indicators. For details, see Clear Hardware Fault Messages (Oracle ILOM).
  8. Power on the server.