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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

System Module (SMOD) Overview

These topics provide information about Oracle Exadata Database Server X8-8 system modules (SMODs) and components.

Two SMODs are installed in the chassis: SMOD0 and SMOD1. SMODs are cold-service components. SMODs are accessible from the back panel.

Each SMOD includes:

  • One Intel Xeon C624 Chipset Platform Controller Hub (PCH).

  • One service processor (on SMOD): Emulex Pilot 4 service processor (SP).

    SP characteristics:

    • Remote keyboard, video, mouse (RKVM) redirection

    • Full remote management through command-line, IPMI, and browser interfaces

    • Remote media capability (DVD, CD, ISO image)

    • Advanced power management and monitoring

    • Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS support

    • Oracle ILOM

    • Dual Oracle ILOM image

    • Signed Oracle ILOM image

    • 512 MB DDR4 memory

    • 128 MB of flash memory

    • 1 GB of NAND memory

    • Baseboard management controller (BMC)

  • One RJ-45 serial management port (SER MGT).

  • One network management port, 10/100/1000 GbE Network Ethernet port (NET MGT).

  • One USB 3.0 port external on each SMOD.

  • Four 10GBase-T ports per SMOD (NET0-3).

  • Four SAS3 storage drive bays HDD0-3 populated with storage drive filler panels.

Both SMODs are accessible from the back panel of the server. The following illustration shows SMOD0 and SMOD1 removal and installation levers with green lock release tabs.

image:An illustration with call outs showing the two SMODs.
Call Out
SMOD1 ejector levers (2)
SMOD1 installed in chassis
SMOD0 ejector levers (2)
SMOD0 installed in chassis

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