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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

UEFI Secure Boot

Oracle Exadata Database Server X8-8 UEFI BIOS supports UEFI Secure Boot. UEFI Secure Boot defines how platform firmware can authenticate a digitally signed UEFI image, such as an operating system loader or a UEFI driver.

When enabled, UEFI Secure Boot provides a policy-based invocation of various UEFI executable images, using cryptographic signatures to identify the software publishers. UEFI Secure Boot also requires all third-party UEFI drivers and operating system boot loaders to be signed by Microsoft or with Key Exchange Key (KEK) by using BIOS setup.

UEFI Secure Boot is disabled by default. For configuration information, see Configure UEFI Secure Boot.