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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

System Components (FRUs) Network Access Control (NAC) Names

This table lists and describes the System Components (FRUs) NAC names, and identifies the IPMI type and values.

Name (8-Socket 1x8)
System A Name (Dual 4-Socket 2x4-A Side)
System B Name (Dual 4-Socket 2x4-B Side)
System FRU
/SYS/UUID (unique, different from A side)
Unique System ID (hidden)
Power Supplies (Static FRUID)
Fan Modules (No FRUID)
Hard Disk Drives
System Chassis Midplane (Dynamic FRUID)
System Module
Disk Backplanes (Dynamic FRUID)
System Module (Dynamic FRUID)
System Host Network Interfaces (Static FRUID)
System BIOS
CPLD on System Module
Embedded Service Processor on System Module (Dynamic FRUID)
Service Processor network interfaces
CPU Module. 8 CMODs per chassis (Dynamic FRUID)
CPU on CPU Module Motherboard (Static FRUID)
DIMMs on CPU Module Motherboard (Dynamic FRUID)
CPLD on CPU Module
Dual PCIe Card Carrier
PCIe Cards 1-16
Front Indicator Module. not exposed by ILOM