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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020

Power Supply Overview

The server's redundant power supplies support concurrent maintenance, which enables you to remove and replace a power supply without shutting down the server, provided that the other power supply is online and working.

The server supports four 3060 watt power supplies. The power supply units (PS0 - PS3) provide conversion from the AC lines to the system, accepting ranges from 100-240 volts AC (VAC). These front panel accessible PSs are designed to be hot-pluggable, and in most cases will provide fully redundant “1+1” power to two SMODs (1+1 for each side), allowing the system to suffer the loss of a PSU or an AC feed with no loss to system availability.

The following status indicators (LEDs) are lit when a power supply fault is detected:

  • Front panel Fault-Service Required LEDs: Amber System A or System B Service Required LEDs located at the FIM

  • Back panel Fault-Service Required LEDs: Amber System Service Required LEDs located at SMOD0 or SMOD1

  • Amber Fault-Service Required LED on the faulty power supply

If a power supply fails and you do not have a replacement available, leave the failed power supply installed to ensure proper airflow in the server.