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Oracle® Exadata Database Server X8-8 Service Manual

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Updated: June 2020


dual PCIe card carrier (DPCC)index iconServicing PCIe Cards and Carriers (CRU)
processorsindex iconCMOD Components
charge status indicatorindex iconTroubleshooting Using a CMOD Fault Remind Test Circuit
featuresindex iconChassis Features
front panel componentsindex iconChassis Front Panel Components
internal componentsindex iconChassis Internal Components
overviewindex iconServer Chassis Overview
clearing faultsindex iconClear Hardware Fault Messages (Oracle ILOM)
shippingindex iconPrepare a CMOD for Replacement
command-line interface (CLI), Oracle ILOM
controlling Locate Button/LED indicatorindex iconTurn On the Locate Button/LED Remotely (Oracle ILOM CLI)
complete power removal
index iconPower Control, Shutdown, and Reset States
index iconRemove Power
index iconPowering Down the Server
back panelindex iconBack Panel Components
back panel accessibleindex iconChassis Back Panel Components
chassis front panel accessibleindex iconChassis Front Panel Components
chassis internal componentsindex iconChassis Internal Components
CPU module (CMOD)index iconCMOD Components
DIMMsindex iconCMOD Memory
field-replaceable units (FRUs)index iconSystem Components (FRUs) Network Access Control (NAC) Names
filler panelsindex iconComponent Filler Panels and Non-Powered Components
front panelindex iconFront Panel Components
identificationindex iconReplaceable Components
indicatorsindex iconSystem Indicators Network Access Control (NAC) Names
locationsindex iconIllustrated Parts Breakdown
monitoringindex iconMonitoring System Components
monitoring faultsindex iconMonitoring Component Health and Faults Using Oracle ILOM
processorsindex iconCMOD Processor
replaceableindex iconReplaceable Components
serviceability requirements
index iconField-Replaceable Units
index iconCustomer-Replaceable Units
index iconComponent Serviceability Requirements
index iconSMOD Components
index iconSystem Module (SMOD) Overview
system sensorsindex iconSystem Sensors Network Access Control (NAC) Names
back panelindex iconBack Panel Connector Locations
devices to serverindex iconAttaching Devices to the Server
external cablesindex iconAttach Devices to the Server
contacting supportindex iconContacting Support
controlsindex iconControls and Indicators
back panel
index iconAbout Controls and Indicators
index iconBack Panel Components
index iconAbout Controls and Connectors
front panel
index iconAbout Controls and Indicators
index iconFront Panel Components
index iconAbout Controls and Connectors
Locate Button/LED indicatorindex iconControl the Locate Button/LED Locally
CLIindex iconTurn On the Locate Button/LED Remotely (Oracle ILOM CLI)
fan modulesindex iconCooling Fan Power
subsystemindex iconCooling Subsystem
zonesindex iconCooling Zones
CPU module (CMOD)
componentsindex iconCMOD Components
cover, removing and installing
index iconInstall the CMOD Cover
index iconRemove the CMOD Cover
descriptionindex iconCPU Module (CMOD) Overview
fan module power supplyindex iconCMOD and Fan Module Power
fault remind circuitindex iconCMOD Components
installingindex iconInstall a CMOD
index iconCMOD Memory
index iconCMOD Components
overviewindex iconCPU Module (CMOD) Overview
index iconCMOD Processor
index iconCMOD Components
removingindex iconRemove a CMOD
rulesindex iconCMOD Population Rules
serviceindex iconServicing CPU Module (CMOD) Components (FRU)
slot designationsindex iconCMOD Slot Locations and Numbering
customer-replaceable units (CRUs)
descriptionindex iconComponent Serviceability Requirements
serviceabilityindex iconCustomer-Replaceable Units