About Monitoring and Analyzing the Cost, Governance, and Performance of Your Resources in the Cloud

Maintaining infrastructure resources involves meticulous planning and detailed analysis of requirement and utilization against the cost incurred. Incorrect estimation of spend and resource utilization may result in huge cost and effort overhead for an organization.

Built using Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Database, and Oracle APEX, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cost Governance and Performance Monitoring solution provides customers granular understanding of their spend and utilization of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources.

Dashboards provide cost data by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources and PaaS and IaaS services and the data can be grouped by application and department for budgetary purpose and chargeback. Additionally, the performance monitoring and utilization matrices are available for applications running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure virtual machines.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cost Governance and Performance Monitoring solution is ideal for self-service analysis and allows users to build their own visualizations and enrich the analysis by bringing in their own data (such as departmental budgets).


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cost Governance and Performance Monitoring solution uses an Oracle APEX application, Cost Gov Manager, which solution administrators use to set up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenants to be monitored for retrieving cost and usage data. The data is stored in an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse database that sends data to Oracle Analytics Cloud, which analyzes and sends the curated data to the Business Analysts.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cost Governance and Performance Monitoring architecture shows a typical Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region containing a single Availability Domain inside a public subnet within a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN).

  1. The Availability Domain contains the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure virtual machine where you use the Resource Manager to provision your services and instances required to run the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure application.
  2. The Resource manager deploys the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse database, Oracle APEX, and Oracle Analytics Cloud within the Availability Domain.
  3. The virtual machine uses the Internet Gateway and Service Gateway to access the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse database.
  4. Solution Administrators use the Cost Governance Manager application configured using Oracle APEX to retrieve Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cost and utilization data into Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  5. Business Analysts use the Oracle Analytics Cloud instance interface to view the cost and utilization data.

Considerations for Using the Cost Governance and Performance Monitoring Solution

When using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cost Governance and Performance Monitoring solution, consider the following.

Analysis contained in this solution are presented as a general guidance on utilization. This solution is not meant as a replacement of Oracle's official cost analysis insights available on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console. Data presented in this application may not match 100% to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console or an Oracle Official invoice due to delays in upstream system, rounding, or other errors.

About Required Services and Roles

This solution requires the following services and roles:

  • Oracle Identity and Access Management

  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service

  • Oracle Resource Manager

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud

  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Oracle APEX

These are the roles needed for each service.

Service Name: Role Required to...
Oracle Identity and Access Management, Oracle Identity Cloud Service, Oracle Resource Manager: Tenancy Administrator
  • Create users and assign the required policies.
  • Provision the required resources for the solution.
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Apex, Oracle Analytics Cloud: Solution Administrator
  • Install the solution in the provisioned resources.
  • Configure the required parameters for data collection.
Oracle Analytics Cloud: Business Analyst / Data Analyst
  • Use the dashboards for cost and resource utilization analysis.
  • Analyze the spending trends and identify potential areas for cost savings/optimization.
Oracle Analytics Cloud: Application Owner Analyze and optimize resource utilization.

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Before You Begin

Before you begin deploying the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cost Governance application, ensure you have access to the following: