Learn About Running Cloudera on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides infrastructure and platform services for a wide range of enterprise workloads. In each service, you can choose from a rich array of features based on your goals. This playbook details best practices for running Enterprise Data Hub and Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Data Center on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Although individual use cases and requirements might vary and demand different approaches, the articles in thie Solutions Playbook represent the ideal configuration for both performance and security on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. These articles cover installation automation, automated configuration and tuning, and best practices for deployment and topology to support security and high availability.

Cloudera is fast for business, providing support for the broadest range of use cases and verticals, including all of the Apache Hadoop Distribution core components. Cloudera offers the industry's fastest SQL on Hadoop, with multiple frameworks to support diverse workloads.

Cloudera provides enterprise security, including audit and governance capabilities, enterprise encryption and key management, uniform access policy enforcement (role-based access control), and the capability to isolate specific environments to provide compartmentalization.

Deploying Cloudera on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides the following advantages:
  • The lowest compute pricing from a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) perspective.
  • Additional discounts.
  • The lowest network egress costs in the industry .
  • The only provider with bare metal server performance, on demand .
  • Enhanced security inherent in bare metal architecture.
  • Reduced complexity of lift-and-shift with bare metal.
  • The only cloud provider that offers performance SLAs for:
    • Network throughput from an instance.
    • Block storage IOPS and throughput.
    • Local NVMe storage IOPS.
  • Industry leading storage capabilities, including:
    • Local NVMe storage: No other cloud provider recommends allowing data to be stored locally. Oracle ensures data locality to the bare metal instance, and provides service for the local storage.
    • Block storage: Guaranteed IOPS, at half the price of similar storage in the cloud provider market, ensures that Oracle is has the best price per performance storage offering available. This is backed by independent storage review testimonials.
    • Oracle bare metal instances leverage a 25-gigabit network backbone, allowing our biggest bare metal server to achieve unparalleled throughput on the cloud.
  • Cloudera clusters that are spun up in the cloud sit next to Exadata or Oracle Database environments over private networks, allowing easy data sharing for analytics purposes.
  • Gartner regards Oracle as one of the top three vendors in the Data Management Storage Analytics space, making Cloudera on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure a great choice for running analytics workloads.