This image illustrates the architecture for using FastConnect to connect an on-premises network to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region. It shows a pair of OCI regions, labeled Region 1 and Region 2, along with a customer data center outside the regions.

The customer data center connects to Region 1 either of two ways:
  • By using FastConnect Private Peering over a VPN, connecting to a virtual cloud network (VCN) through a dynamic routing gateway.
  • By using FastConnect Public Peering over the public internet to connect directly to the region.

The VCN within Region 1 hosts Availability Domain 1, within which is a subnet that contains an Oracle Compute instance and other resources. The subnet connects outside the VCN to an Oracle Services Network through a service gateway. The Oracle Services Network contains Oracle Object Storage, Oracle Integration Cloud, and Oracle Integration Cloud instances. This set of services connects to Oracle SaaS instances of HCM, ERP, customer experience, and various industry apps within the region.

Region 2 contains a group of Oracle SaaS services: HCM, ERP, customer experience, and various industry apps and is connected to Region 1 over a backbone that provides a dedicated, secure network for interconnecting Oracle Cloud services running in different regions.