This image shows a multitier topology consisting of a load balancer tier, a middleware tier, an application tier, and a database tier.

All the resources are provisioned in a single availability domain within an Oracle Cloud region.
  • The load balancer tier consists of an active-standby pair of load balancers, with each node in a separate fault domain.
  • The middleware tier consists of two Oracle WebLogic Server nodes, provisioned in separate fault domains.
  • The application tier consists of two Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management servers, provisioned in separate fault domains. An internal load balancer routes traffic from the middleware tier to the servers in the application tier.
  • The database tier consists of a pair of DB systems connected using Oracle Data Guard.
All the resources are in a single VCN.
  • The load balancer and a bastion host are attached to a public subnet. An internet gateway provides connectivity between the public subnet and internet.
  • The middleware, application, and database tiers are isolated in separate private subnets. A NAT gateway provides connectivity from the private subnets to the internet.
  • Route tables attached to each subnet direct outbound traffic from the VCN. Security lists attached to each subnet regulate the flow of traffic to and from each VCN.