Learn About Developing a Marketing Website

Organizations are often looking to create marketing websites to provide rich and contextualized customer experiences. It's a challenge to engage employees and customers seamlessly. Oracle Content and Experience makes it easy to get started building amazing websites. It redefines the digital experience with its powerful capabilities.

Before You Begin

The marketing website described in this solution is the Café Supremo reference website, which you can modify to your needs. Using this solution, you will be setting up and publishing the Café Supremo marketing website using Oracle Content and Experience. The solution will walk you through the different features of the Café Supremo marketing website so that you will understand how you can create your own marketing website or modify this reference website to suit your needs. To learn what is a marketing website and for an introduction to the Café Supremo marketing website, see Learn about creating a marketing website.

About Required Services and Roles

To create the Café Supremo marketing website using Oracle Content and Experience, you'll need access to an Oracle Content and Experience instance with appropriate roles.

Consumers don’t need any specific roles as they will be accessing the public website. The users involved with creating your marketing website will typically fall into one of the following roles.

Café Supremo marketing website user User roles required Resource roles required

Content author

  • Enterprise User
  • Contributor

Website designer

  • Developer
  • Enterprise User
  • Manager

Content manager

  • Content Administrator
  • Enterprise User
  • Repository Administrator
  • Site Administrator
  • Manager

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