The image shows the architecture of a disaster recovery configuration that uses two OCI Regions (Region 1 and Region 2) with OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery Service.

The on-premises system has two-way communication with the DNS or local hosts resolution. The client connects through the internet to OCI Region 1.

OCI Region 1 is the primary environment. It has a VCN with a Load Balancer and a DR Protection Group (Primary). The group resides inside and outside of the VCN. Within the group, and inside the VCN is an Oracle WebLogic or SOA environment and a database. Within the group, but outside the VCN are DR plans and OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery Service. OCI Region 2 is the standby environment and is a duplicate of OCI Region 1. Because it is a duplicate, the Oracle WebLogic or SOA environment, database, and DR Protection Group (Standby) are grayed out.

Each region has a DRG on the VCN. Data flows one direction, from Region 1 to Region 2.

Oracle Data Guard flows from the database in Region 1 to the database in Region 2.

There is bi-directional flow between the OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery Service in Region 1 and Region 2 for switchover and failover and recovery.