Learn About Signing Up for an Oracle Cloud Subscription

Signing up for Oracle Cloud is easy, and you can choose from several subscriptions. Depending on the subscription you choose, you can sign up on the Oracle Cloud website, or you can contact Oracle Sales. A sales representative can help ensure that you get the services you need to complete your task or your solution.

Read about the different ways that you can sign up, and then select the best option for your cloud computing needs.
Type of Subscription Description When is it the best option? When is it not the best option?
Free Oracle Cloud Promotion You get free credits that you can apply toward the use of any Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle IaaS) or Oracle Platform as a Service (Oracle PaaS) offering.

When you’re trying out Oracle Cloud for the first time, and your initial computing needs are relatively small.

For example, you can try implementing a solution that requires a set of virtual machines (VMs) in Oracle Cloud, an instance of Oracle Database Cloud Service, or an instance of Oracle Java Cloud Service.

When you’re implementing a solution that requires a large number of VMs or instances of your cloud services.

For example, if you’re using Exadata Cloud Service or some of the more advanced and powerful cloud computing offerings, then the 30 days and 300 credits might not be enough to implement the solution.

Pay-As-You-Go You pay only for the services and resources that you use each month and no commitment is required.

When you require more than the resources and time provided by the Free Oracle Cloud Promotion and if you aren’t sure how much you want to commit to spending each month.

When you’re using the same number of credits each month and can predict monthly production workloads.
Monthly Flex You commit to a minimum, 12-month subscription to maximize your cost savings because you can predict your production workload. This subscription is similar to a monthly phone plan.

When you’re sure how much you want to commit to spending each month.

When the 12-month term is too long, or you can’t use 1/12 of your credits each month. If you don’t use 1/12 of your credits in a month, then the unused credits are forfeited.

About Other Subscription Options

In addition to the Free Oracle Cloud Promotion, the Pay-As-You-Go subscription, and the Monthly Flex subscription, Oracle offers specialized subscriptions for government and public sector customers, and for Oracle Software as a Service (Oracle SaaS) customers.

To learn more about these other subscriptions, contact Oracle Sales.

Contact Oracle Sales Using Online Chat

To start a live online chat with an Oracle Sales representative, click Chat Chat icon from any page on the Oracle Cloud website.

In the Chat with Us dialog box, select Live Sales Chat.

Fill in your contact information, and enter your questions. You get immediate assistance from a support or sales representative.

Note that the Live Sales Chat is available only during weekdays. During non-operational hours or if you’re unable to reach an Oracle Support representative due to high chat volumes, you can leave a message in the chat window and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Oracle Sales by Phone

Click Contact Us Contact Us from any page on the Oracle Cloud website and call the number for your country.


As you start using Oracle Cloud, it helps to understand the basic terminology we use to describe the Oracle Cloud features and services.

Term Definition

Oracle account

Use this account to sign in to the Oracle website. Use your user name and password to sign in to applications, communities, and to access the Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Oracle cloud account

Use this account to access your cloud services. When you sign up for a new Oracle Cloud Account with Universal Credits, you get a Cloud Account with Identity Cloud Service.