This image shows an Oracle Exadata Database Machine and customer on-premises equipment in an on-premises data center and an Oracle Cloud Region with IPSec VPN and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect connection the customer on-premises equipment to a dynamic routing gateway in the VCN in the cloud region.

The Oracle Cloud Region has an availability domain and a VCN with an internet gateway, a dynamic routing gateway, and a NAT gateway. A bastion host resides in a public subnet. There are two private subnets: Private Subnet (Client) with a route table for the on-premises CIDR/DRG and a Private Subnet (Backup) with a route table for object Storage CIDR/Service Gateway. The Oracle Exadata Cloud Service resides in the Private Subnet (Client) and the Private Subnet (Backup). There is two-way communication between the public subnet and the internet through the internet gateway. Oracle Data Guard has two-way communication between the on-premises and cloud Exadata databases.

Object Storage for the backups is located outside of the availability domain in the region