This image illustrates how VMware components work within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment.

There is a dotted line box labeled VMware SDDC on OCI. Within this box are a grouping of VM icons, labeled NSX Overlay (Customer Logical Segments). Beneath this grouping is a box labeled NETWORK (NSX-T), which points to the grouping by solid-line arrow. This box is flanked on either side by boxes labeled COMPUTE (vSphere) and STORAGE (vSAN). These three boxes are indicated as being part of an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Cluster, which is outside the overall VMware SDDC on OC group. This cluster comprises three icons, each labeled Compute.

Next to the VMware SDDC on OC group is another dotted line box labeled OCI Gateways. It contains icons for three gateways:
  • On-Prem
  • Internet Gateway, which is indicated as connected to the cloud.
  • Service Gateway
The OCi Gateway box is connected by a doubleheaded, solid to an adjacent dotted line box labeled OCI Services. It contains icons for three services:
  • Compute
  • Object Storage