Learn About Creating an Intranet Website

Organizations are often looking to create intranet websites for their employees in order to collaborate and share information with them. Oracle Content and Experience enables you to build intranet websites and deliver engaging experiences to your employees and any other internal users.

What Is an Intranet Website?

An intranet website is an internal employee portal where you can collaborate with your employees, share company-wide information with them, enable them to participate in training sessions, broadcast the latest information about your organization or your products, announce upcoming events, exchange ideas, assign tasks to employees, show information about best teams or top performers, and provide support.

What Is Oracle Content and Experience?

Oracle Content and Experience is a cloud-based content hub to drive omni-channel content management and accelerate experience delivery. It offers powerful collaboration and workflow management capabilities to streamline the creation and delivery of content and improve customer and employee engagement.

You can use its powerful integration capabilities and user-friendly tools to build content-rich intranet websites for your organization with ease. It is very easy to quickly build a website using the available templates and customize them as per your organization’s requirements. You can also use customized components and templates.

Advantages of Creating an Intranet Website on Oracle Content and Experience

Oracle Content and Experience offers a robust set of features and integration capabilities to help you build your own content-rich intranet website or employee portal. Use Oracle Content and Experience to create and share content among internal or different groups of users.

Some of the key advantages of using Oracle Content and Experience to build your intranet website are:
  • With the right set of permissions, you can quickly get started to build your own intranet website.
  • You just use a template to begin creating your website.
  • It is very simple to create a repository and a localization policy for your website.
  • You can define content types or edit existing content types.
  • You can edit the website to suit your needs using Site Builder. You can customize it using the simple and easy-to-use tools available.
  • You can easily integrate Oracle Content and Experience with other services such as Oracle Integration (which has features such as Visual Builder and Processes) to add additional features to your website.
  • You can create secure websites using the security options available.
  • Collaborating with your employees using conversations is very simple and convenient.
  • Your intranet website can be edited anytime and anywhere. Any updates you make to the content reflect dynamically on the website once you publish them without the need to edit or republish your entire website. Your website content changes independently of your website.
  • You can review and approve your website content using any device.
  • Before publishing your website, you can preview what it looks like.
  • With just a few steps, you can publish and bring your website online.

Introduction to Café Supremo Demo Intranet Website

Café Supremo is a fictional coffeehouse chain, which has store locations worldwide. The Café Supremo intranet website is created with Oracle Content and Experience.

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Description of the illustration home.png

The Café Supremo intranet website is an employee portal where employees can see the latest information about Café Supremo, participate in training sessions, sign up for seminars, know about upcoming events, communicate with other employees, get help, and complete assigned tasks.

It is an internal website for a group of users such as full-time or part-time employees and contractors. These users can sign in to the website whenever they need to, and perform various tasks or activities related to their coffee business.