Plan the Demo Website Design

Before you get started building your website on Oracle Content and Experience, you’ll need to plan the website design. This is the first step in your website creation process.

You’ll need to finalize the template, navigation, functionality, and content (including text, images, and any other elements such as videos) for your intranet website.

The Café Supremo intranet website uses a custom template. The localization policy for this website uses English (United States) (en-US) as the required language. A repository is created and used to manage all the digital content of the website. Content types used include Bio (for information about leaders/regional contacts), CSI-FAQ (for answers to frequently asked questions), and NewsArticle (for news articles).

Overview of Elements

The Café Supremo intranet website has the following elements:

  • Logo – The Café Supremo logo displays in the upper left and lower right corners of all the pages in the website. The logo is hyperlinked to open the home page.
  • Menu bar – At the top of the website pages, a menu bar is available with menus such as HOME, TRAINING, DISCUSSIONS, TASKS, PEOPLE, and HELP.
  • User avatar – The user avatar shows up in the upper right corner of the website pages.
  • Privacy policy – A link to the privacy policy of the Café Supremo intranet website displays in the lower left corner of the website pages. It is hyperlinked to a page that describes the privacy policy of this website. Once closed, this link will only show again after you have cleared your browser's cache or if the cache for this website has expired.
  • Social media links – The lower left corner of the website displays social media icons as links to let employees follow Café Supremo on its social media website pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Overview of Pages

The Café Supremo intranet website has the following pages:

  • HOME – The home page displays the latest news articles about Café Supremo. These articles are shown as preview cards and when an employee clicks a card, the corresponding detailed news article opens in the same window. The upcoming events are shown with dates and short descriptions describing the events. The Lifestyle section lists the latest documents.

    Integration with Visual Builder (in Oracle Integration) enables you to show the upcoming events.

    Description of home_page.png follows
    Description of the illustration home_page.png
  • TRAINING – The training page lists the Café Supremo training videos for employees. Employees can explore new techniques and enhance their skills by visiting this page. They can also sign up for latest training or seminars in the Sign Up page by specifying details such as appointment date, timings, topic, and other details. Integration with Visual Builder (in Oracle Integration) enables employees to schedule and register for these training sessions or seminars.
    Description of training.png follows
    Description of the illustration training.png
  • DISCUSSIONS – The discussions page allows employees to communicate with their coworkers and participate in the Café Supremo conversations. Employees can share information about Café Supremo products, exchange ideas, and ask questions in this page. They also have options to upload documents, bookmark conversations, manage conversations (rename, mute, close, discard), and more.
    Description of conversations.png follows
    Description of the illustration conversations.png
  • TASKS – The tasks page allows employees to view and complete tasks assigned to them by managers. Managers create tasks for employees using an application in Processes (in Oracle Integration). Integration of Oracle Content and Experience with Processes (in Oracle Integration) allows you to display the tasks assigned to employees in the tasks page.
    Description of tasks_page.png follows
    Description of the illustration tasks_page.png
  • PEOPLE – The people page lists regional contacts such as Café Supremo’s executives with links to their social media pages so that employees can get to know them and contact them if they need support.
    Description of people.png follows
    Description of the illustration people.png
  • HELP – The help page displays answers to frequently asked questions about Café Supremo products. Employees can review the answers available in this page. They can also use the search tool bar in this page to search the answers to frequently asked questions.
    Description of help_page.png follows
    Description of the illustration help_page.png

Identify Your Audience

When planning to create your intranet website, you’ll need to identify the different groups of users who will use your website. Users will need appropriate access privileges to use the website.

The following types of users use the Café Supremo intranet website:
  • Manager (assigns tasks to employees)
  • Full-time or part-time employee and contractor (completes tasks and training, communicates with coworkers, views latest product information, and so on)
  • Content manager (manages and approves important website content)
  • Website designer (designs the website)
  • Content author (creates content such as news articles)

Gather Your Assets

Before building your website, you need to gather the various assets that make up your website such as images, videos, documents, and text-based content.

You need to organize the different types of content. The Café Supremo intranet website uses content such as images, news articles, information about regional contacts, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Identify integrations that may be required for additional features. In the Café Supremo intranet website, Visual Builder and Processes (in Oracle Integration) are used with Oracle Content and Experience to enable certain features such as upcoming events, training registration, and tasks.