Learn About Creating a Marketing Website

Organizations are often looking to create marketing websites to provide rich and contextualized customer experiences. It's a challenge to engage employees and customers seamlessly. Oracle Content Management makes it easy to get started building amazing websites. It redefines the digital experience with its powerful capabilities.

What Is a Marketing Website?

A marketing website is typically a website that invites your customers to get excited about and experience your products and services. You can engage and interact effectively with your customers by offering appealing promotions and website content.

The website content manager collaborates with the website designers and content providers to oversee, approve, and publish content.

Advantages of Creating a Marketing Website on Oracle Content Management

Oracle Content Management enables you to collaborate better with your customers. An integrated experience allows you to share content among different groups of users easily using one user interface.

You can quickly create and publish your marketing website with simple tools and functionality that Oracle Content Management provides. Transform your concepts into reality in no time. You can use customized components and templates when putting your website together. It is very easy to copy and modify existing themes, layouts, and templates.

You can effectively collaborate on any device to create, review, and approve content. Developers can take advantage of the content REST APIs and SDKs that are available. The entire process of creating a website is completely integrated. Oracle Content Management supports your needs for efficient collaboration, security, and engaging digital experiences.

Introduction to Café Supremo Marketing Website

The Café Supremo marketing website is created with Oracle Content Management. Café Supremo is a fictional coffeehouse chain with store locations worldwide.

Customers can browse the product catalog and purchase their favorite coffee, tea, treats, create custom mugs, book a table, and more. They can also read interesting posts and recipes on the blog. Seasonal promotions and offers are available on the website.

We are using the Café Supremo marketing website as an example to demonstrate the advanced features available in Oracle Content Management to build engaging websites and experiences.

The Café Supremo marketing website serves as an example because of the combination of the different types of users and the website content. This marketing website will help you understand how you can build your own marketing website for your organization using Oracle Content Management.


We have the following personas in the Café Supremo marketing website.

The customer visits the public website to:
  • See the latest offers or promotions available.
  • Purchase coffee, tea, treats, combos, cups, spoons, and accessories.
  • Read blog articles such as recipes and more.
  • Book a table at their favorite Café Supremo restaurant.
  • Create their own customized mug through a unique AR/VR experience.
The content author:
  • Works together with the website designers and the content managers through conversations and document annotations.
  • Creates content such as blog articles and shares the content for approval with the content manager.
The website designer:
  • Designs the website using templates and components.
  • Builds and updates the content.
  • Previews the updated pages of the website. Verifies the updates and adjusts the settings for the content item list if required.
The content manager:
  • Works together with the website designers and the content authors through conversations and document annotations.
  • Reviews, approves, and publishes the website content.
  • Filters and searches the digital assets to find any new or updated assets such as images that require approval, then reviews and approves the assets.
  • Filters and searches the content items to find any new or updated content items such as promotions and then reviews the content item, makes any changes, previews the content item, and then publishes it.

What Is Oracle Content Management?

Oracle Content Management is a cloud-based content hub which can help drive omni-channel content management and accelerate experience delivery. You can use its collaboration and workflow management abilities to simplify creation, management, and publishing of your marketing website.

Advantages of Using Oracle Content Management

You just need the right set of permissions to build a website with Oracle Content Management. Take advantage of the simple and friendly user interface.

  • To begin building your website, you just use a template.
  • It is very easy to create a repository and associate your website with it.
  • You can make updates to your website anytime and anywhere.
  • Edit your website with ease using Site Builder, the integrated website editor.
  • You and your team members can do multiple updates to the website simultaneously, then merge updates with your base website whenever you need to.
  • Preview what your website looks like on different devices and in different screen resolutions.
  • Publish your website to the web with just a single click.
  • Oracle Content Management provides built-in support for multilingual content to support your global audience.
  • You can customize your website using your own templates, themes, or components.
  • Create consistent experiences for your employees and customers.
  • You and your team members can collaborate effectively using conversations and annotations.
  • When you update any content items and publish them, the updates will be reflected immediately on the website without any need for someone to edit or republish the website itself. The website content changes independently of the website.