Learn About Creating a Sales Enablement Website

Organizations are often looking to create content-sharing websites (such as marketing hubs, sales hubs, partner hubs, and so on) for distributing content to internal and external audiences, and enabling users to contribute content. Oracle Content Management enables you to build amazing content-sharing websites with its powerful features seamlessly.

What Is a Sales Enablement Website?

A sales enablement website is a content-sharing website, which provides access to the latest sales assets. These websites are typically accessed by sales teams or franchise owners.

They contain enormous volumes of sales information essential to drive a business and enable sales teams to sell a company’s products more effectively and quickly.

These websites are portals where you can promote announcements, share sales-related stories, provide useful tools and tips, provide product information, enable sales teams to learn (by providing trainings or videos), contribute sales content, and share answers to frequently asked questions.

Contributors are allowed to create and submit website content for approval. Approvers review and approve content submitted by contributors, and then once approved, the newly created website content is made available on the website.

Introduction to Café Supremo Sales Enablement Website

Café Supremo is a fictional coffeehouse chain, which has store locations worldwide. The Café Supremo sales enablement website is created with Oracle Content Management.

The Café Supremo sales enablement website is a website where the sales representatives of the Café Supremo company across the globe can access the website and get all the information they need pertaining to sales (including sales-related stories, announcements, trainings, product information, and other sales assets). The information and assets available in the sales enablement website empower sales teams to increase sales for the Café Supremo coffee company.

End users on the sales team with Contributor permissions can contribute to the website content by creating stories (with sales-related information) and submitting them for approval. Approvers review these stories and approve (or reject them). If approved, these stories are made available on the website. This feature not only makes the website more efficient as it allows end users to contribute to website content but also helps keep the website content up-to-date. So, whenever there are new sales-related documents that need to be shared with the users of the organization, contributors can create stories with that information and submit them for approval.

Another key feature of this website is that the users involved in creating and approving stories are notified of the latest status in the whole process. Whenever a contributor creates and submits a story, the approvers are notified about it through an email notification. Whenever an approver approves (or rejects) a story, the contributor of the story is notified about it through an email notification too.

The approval workflow is set up by configuring integration between Oracle Content Management and Oracle Process Cloud Service (in Oracle Integration) suitably.

You can add a chatbot too (if needed) to the sales enablement website. See Integrate Oracle Digital Assistant into a Website Built in Oracle Content Management.

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Here are some of the key features of the sales enablement template used to create the Café Supremo sales enablement website:
  • Dynamic content is made available in the form of stories and announcements.
  • The template provides the ability to define categories which are useful to organize and display content efficiently.
  • There is a global search feature with auto-suggestion capabilities which is very useful when the website has a large amount of information.
  • You also have search filters based on categories, which help narrow search results.
  • Users can:
    • preview stories, announcements, and documents available on the website
    • share stories or document preview pages by email or using links
    • pin favorite stories or document preview pages and access them later
  • Users with Contributor access can create and submit stories with new sales-related information. Approvers can review the newly submitted information and approve (or reject them). Approved stories are immediately made available on the website.
  • You can group and display similar stories.
  • You can display suggestions to users about what stories to read next.

What Is Oracle Content Management?

Oracle Content Management is a cloud-based content hub to drive omni-channel content management and accelerate experience delivery. It offers powerful collaboration and workflow management capabilities to streamline the creation and delivery of content.

Advantages of Creating a Sales Enablement Website on Oracle Content Management

Oracle Content Management offers simple and easy-to-use tools to create content-rich websites. You can quickly create a content-sharing website by taking advantage of the powerful features that Oracle Content Management provides.

  • To get started, you just need the right set of permissions.
  • You can begin building your website just using a template.
  • It is very easy to create a content repository and localization policy for your website according to your organization’s needs.
  • You can easily create dynamic content for your website. When you update any content items and publish them, the updates will be reflected immediately on the website without any need for someone to edit or republish the website itself. The website content changes independently of the website.
  • You can quickly customize your website using the tools available in Oracle Content Management.
  • Use Site Builder to edit your website anytime and anywhere. You can update or enhance your website quickly to suit changing business needs.
  • Enhance your website with exciting features such as search filters, social icons, document-related features (share, view, download, and so on), pins for favorites, and search toolbar. Organize large amount of content efficiently. You can display content on your website in numerous ways using the available layouts and options suitably.
  • You can preview what your website looks like on different devices and in different screen resolutions.
  • By configuring the integration between Oracle Content Management and Oracle Integration, users with Contributor access can contribute to the website content and approvers can review the content by contributors, and make it available on the website once approved.
  • Contributors and approvers are kept up-to-date about the entire approval process through email notifications whenever a story has been submitted for review and it has been approved (or rejected).
  • Take advantage of the available security options to create a secure website for your organization.
  • With just a few steps, you can publish your website and bring it online.
  • You can manage your website content seamlessly.