Description of the illustration architecture-customer-reference.png

The diagram illustrates the architecture of a particular Hadoop deployment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that was implemented by an Oracle customer. It shows the details of the various interacting domains, subnets, VMs, and computers.

A customer datacenter connects through FastConnect VPN to components within a Region. A Hadoop VCN includes all of the components within one Availaibilty Domain. Within the Region, but outside the Hadoop VCN, is an Internet/Service/NAT Gateway, and an Object Storage.

Within the Hadoop VCN and Availability Domain are three Fault Domains, numbered Fault Domain 1 thorugh Fault Domain 3. There are also three Subnets, labeled Hadoop Subnet, Utility Subnet, and Bastion Subnet. Each Subnet runs across all three Fault Domains, creating nine areas containing servers and databases.

Each of the Fault Domains' Hadoop Subnet area contains a server labeled Master 1, 2, or 3 respectively, and seven servers labeled Worker 1 through Worker 21.

Fault Domain 1 and Fault Domain 3 contain, within their Utility Subnet area, one Cloudera Manager/Ambari server labeled (Backup) in Fault Domain 1 and (Primary) in Fault Domain 3, and one linked database. The two databases are also linked to each other across the Fault Domains. Fault Domain 2 has no components in its Utility Subnet.

Each of the Fault Domains' Bastion Subnet area contains one Edge VM component.