Description of the illustration architecture-multiple-availability-domains.png

The diagram shows a Hadoop deployment using Cloudera VCN that spans three Availability Domains within a Region.

The image shows three Availability Domains (numbered 1 through 3) inside a series of four nested boxes. The outermost box is labeled Tenancy; the next is Compartment, then Region, and the innermost box is the Cloudera VCN. Each of the Availability Domains consists of three Fault Domains and three Subnets, with each Subnet crossing all three Fault Domains. The three Subnets are labeled Private Subnet, Bastion Subnet, and PUblic Subnet.

All three Availability Domains' Private Subnet consists of a Masters & Workers component in Fault Domain 1, and one Workers component in each of Fault Domains 2 and 3. All three Availability Domains' Bastion Subnets consist of an Edge component in the Fault Domain 1, and no components in the other two Fault Domains.

Each Availability Domain differs in the configuration of its Public Subnet. In Availability Domain 1, the Public Subnet has a component labeled Utility (Redundant) in Fault Domain 2, with Fault Domains 1 and 3 empty. In Availability Domain 2, the Public Subnet has its Utility (Redunant) component in Fault Domain 3. Availability Domain 3 has a component labeled Utility (Primary) in its Fault Domain 1.