Learn About Viewing and Managing Oracle Cloud at Customer Logs

The security of your organization’s data center is an ongoing concern. While Oracle ensures that the hardware and control plane are secured, you are responsible for ensuring that the Oracle Cloud Service instances that you create are secured. To monitor your instances, you can view the logs for your instances, transfer the logs to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic, and then transfer them to your Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) application for analysis.

Before You Begin

Before you view and manage Oracle Cloud at Customer logs, ensure that you have the following software available:

  • An application or programming platform to run REST API calls such as cURL.

  • (Optional) A log analysis application, such as Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service, to search, explore, and correlate the logs.

  • (Optional) A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) application, such as Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics Cloud Service, to analyze the downloaded logs for security risks.

About Required Services

This solution requires the following services:

  • An Oracle Cloud at Customer account with access to the Compute_Operations role

  • An Oracle Cloud at Customer user with the Service Administrator role or a role that is specified in the X-Container-Write access control lists (ACL) of an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic container

  • (Optional) An Oracle Cloud user with an instance of Oracle Management Cloud to analyze logs.