Install the Software on the Source System

Download and install the required software and tools on the source system.

Download and Install the ZDM Software

Download the Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) software kit and install it on the Zero Downtime Migration service host.

Install the Zero Downtime Migration software as a non-root user. For example, as zdmuser.

Before beginning, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • The Linux host has 100 GB of free storage space.
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure isn't running on the ZDM service host (Linux host). The ZDM service host can be shared for other purposes.
  • The ZDM node must have SSH access to both source and target databases, as well as access through port 1521 (default DB port).
  • The source and target databases must have SSH access and 1521 port access to each other.
  1. Create a zdm group and non-root user, zdmuser, on the ZDM service host.
    sudo su -
    groupadd zdm -g 1001
    useradd zdmuser -g 1001
  2. Install the required glibc-devel and expect packages on the ZDM service host.
    yum install glibc-devel expect libaio
  3. Verify that the /etc/hosts entry for the host name and IP address are configured as expected, so that the host selected for Zero Downtime Migration software installation resolves to the correct IP address and the IP address is pingable.
  4. Go to the Zero Downtime Migration Download page and download the ZDM installer zip file.
  5. Switch to the zdmuser.
    sudo su - zdmuser
  6. Navigate to location where Zero Downtime Migration software is downloaded and unzip the content.
  7. Create grid and base folders to install ZDM.
    mkdir -p ~/tool/app/oracle/grid ~/tool/app/oracle/base
  8. Run the installation script to install the ZDM service and command-line interface.
    Use the following locations when installing the ZDM software kit:
    • oraclehome: the Oracle Home location where you install the ZDM software kit. For example, ~/tool/app/oracle/grid.
    • oraclebase: base directory where all ZDM configuration, ZDM logs, and other artifacts are stored. For example, ~/tool/app/oracle/base.
    • ziploc: Location of the compressed software zip file included in the Zero Downtime Migration kit. For example, ~/zdm
    ./ setup oraclehome=/tool/app/oracle/grid oraclebase=/tool/app/oracle/base
            ziploc=~/zdm –zdm
    Ignore warnings about missing jar files, warnings related to Oracle ASM, and optional requirements. When prompted, do not run other install scripts as root user.

Verify the ZDM Service Installation

  1. Start the ZDM service.
    /tool/app/oracle/grid/bin/zdmservice start
    The command should return Success.
  2. Verify that the command-line interface is installed.
    /tool/app/oracle/grid/bin/zdmcli query image
    The result should return No image has been configured.
  3. (Optional) Check the status.
    /tool/app/oracle/grid/bin/zdmservice status