The image shows an architecture diagram of the process to migrate a database from on-premises to the cloud.

The Oracle Cloud Region has one availability domain, with a Block Volume, a Regional Private Subnet that contains a Bastion, and a Regional Private Subnet that contains an Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) database. The region has a VCN, Dynamic Routing Gateway, Service Gateway, and Object Storage.

The on-premises data center has customer on-premises equipment with a IPSec VPN FastConnect connection to a Dynamic Routing Gateway in an Oracle Cloud Region. Also on-premises is an Application Server, Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (16 cores), and storage. MV2ADB connects to the database and performs a Data Pump Export to the storage. A Put Dump transfers the data from on-premises storage to Object Storage in the Oracle Cloud Region. A Data Pump Import transfers the data from Object Storage to the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) database in Availability Domain 1. SQL*Net verification is performed between the on-premises and ATP database in the cloud.