Plan Your Migration

Assess your requirements and understand the process variations.

About the Migration Process

The migration process has four major steps:

  1. Deploy the Apache Tomcat server infrastructure on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with the Terraform template, which also provisions the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing instance.
  2. Migrate the Java application database schemas to the Autonomous Transaction Processing database on OCI.

  3. Create Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) connections in each Tomcat server to point to the connections required by the applications, so that the applications can use those connections.
  4. Transfer the application files to each of the Tomcat servers to be re-deployed.

About Assessing the Requirements

To help ensure that you deploy the right infrastructure, consider your requirements.

  • Applications

    Identify the applications to migrate.

  • Data sources

    Identify the data sources to migrate. These are the application databases that you must migrate.

  • Servers and nodes

    Determine the virtual machine shape and the number of nodes. On-premises installations of Apache Tomcat may provision several servers per virtual machine (node). In a cloud environment where cost is linear with CPU count, deploying a single managed server per virtual machine (VM) sized for the expected load, ensures better redundancy and increased availability. The Terraform code in the Deploy section provisions one Tomcat server per node. Select the number of nodes during provisioning to match the number of Tomcat instances on-premises. Size the virtual machine shape for the workload expected for a single Tomcat instance.