Learn About Monitoring and Troubleshooting Oracle Cloud at Customer

Oracle Cloud at Customer delivers all the benefits of Oracle Cloud to your data center. Oracle is responsible for managing the hardware and software resources required to run Oracle Cloud at Customer; you are responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting any resources that you instantiate on Oracle Cloud at Customer.

To come up with a customized monitoring framework for Oracle Cloud at Customer, you must understand the difference between system and user-space monitoring, and the monitoring tools provided by Oracle.

When you understand your role, the resources you must monitor, and the monitoring tools, you can develop an effective and efficient monitoring and troubleshooting framework for Oracle Cloud at Customer.

About the Components of Oracle Cloud at Customer

Oracle Cloud at Customer consists of several important components that together provide you with the Oracle Cloud experience in your data center. To come up with an effective and robust monitoring solution, you must make yourself familiar with these components.

Each Oracle Cloud at Customer subscription includes:

  • The hardware required to run Oracle Cloud at Customer, which is installed and set up by Oracle Field Service Engineers in your data center. This might include one or more Oracle Cloud at Customer racks, and also Exadata Cloud at Customer and BigData Cloud at Customer hardware.

  • The Oracle Cloud at Customer control plane software—the software infrastructure required to run Oracle Cloud. The control plane is installed, configured, and managed by Oracle. It is nearly identical to the control plane software used to run Oracle Cloud software hosted in the Oracle data centers throughout the world.

  • The Oracle Advanced Support Gateway (OASG), which includes the hardware and software required to securely connect your Oracle Cloud at Customer environment to the remote Oracle Operations team. The remote Operations team manages the day-to-day operations of Oracle Cloud at Customer, just as it manages Oracle Cloud hosted in Oracle data centers.

  • The Oracle Cloud Services to which you have subscribed. These can include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic, and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, such as Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service.

About System Monitoring and User-Space Monitoring

Oracle Cloud at Customer is monitored at two levels — system and user-space. Oracle monitors the system level, and you monitor the user-space level.

Graphics showing System and User-Space resources of Oracle Cloud at Customer
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The Oracle Cloud at Customer hardware, control plane and cloud services infrastructure are known as system resources (or machine resources). Oracle Cloud Operations monitors these components remotely by using Oracle Advanced Support Gateway. This gateway is accessible only to Oracle authorized personnel.

The customer resources that run on Oracle Cloud at Customer are known as user-space components. These include:

  • Oracle Cloud Accounts

  • IaaS or PaaS VM instances

  • PaaS instances (e.g. JCS or DBCS VM instances)

  • Databases that are provisioned within the PaaS subscriptions

  • Applications (Oracle or third party)

You manage and monitor these resources.

About System Monitoring

Oracle Cloud Operations handles day-to-day management of Oracle Cloud at Customer system, including control plane environment along with Oracle hardware and software.

Oracle Cloud Operations manages all hardware and software components of Cloud at Customer. For example:

  • Ethernet switches

  • Power supplies

  • Exadata Storage Servers

  • Hypervisor running on the physical servers

Oracle Cloud Operations also manages the Oracle Advanced Support Gateway. It provides efficient, secure connections between your Oracle Cloud at Customer hardware and software and the Oracle Operations team. Using the gateway, the Oracle Cloud Operations team monitors your system and responds to your service requests securely and promptly.

The goal is to free up your Information Technology (IT) engineers so they can support the real work that your company needs to perform, including developing and deploying applications, managing the Oracle Cloud services, and running your business.

About User-Space Monitoring

You manage and monitor all the user space resources. These includes Oracle Cloud accounts, IaaS and PaaS virtual machines, databases and any other resource that you instantiate on Oracle Cloud at Customer.

You can assign administrators to manage and monitor your accounts and your subscribed services, just as you do on Oracle Public Cloud. For example, the initial, designated Oracle Cloud account administrator on your team is responsible for receiving the welcome email and initially logging in to your Oracle Cloud account on Oracle Cloud at Customer. The initial account administrator can then create additional administrator accounts. Typically, two or more Oracle Cloud account administrators on your team manage your Oracle Cloud account. They monitor your Oracle Cloud account usage, and also create, manage and troubleshoot Oracle Cloud Service instances. They also can create additional Oracle Cloud users, who can be assigned specific tasks or roles within the account.

You can use an external monitoring agent to monitor the user-space resources in Oracle Cloud at Customer. The external monitoring agent will check the health of each resource and send a notification whenever the state of the resource changes. Oracle recommends using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control as a monitoring tool to check the health of all Oracle Cloud at Customer resources.